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November 1, 2010

Lena’s Herbed Socca (chick-pea flour bread)

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This low-carb, wheat-free bread takes about 6 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to bake. It’s really delicious and very healthy. This is a traditional bread from southern France, though this recipe is not very traditional. It’s typically made more like a crepe, so very thin. The baking powder and xantham gum give this bread more of a lift,  but they aren’t necessary. Lena inspired me to try this recipe out one night, so it’s dedicated to her.


1 cup chickpea flour (you can often find this in health food stores or in Indian grocers)

1 cup  water (not too hot or cold)

1/4 cup olive oil (don’t skimp on the olive here, it makes this bread so delicious and keeps it from sticking)

herbs, fresh or dried (I’ve made mine with sage and basil but any would be delicious)

1 teaspoon baking powder

i teaspoon xantham gum (a staple in wheat-free baking)

sea salt

freshly ground black pepper

Optional: You may add chopped onion, olives, and sun dried tomatoes to the batter for extra flavor if you want.


Place chickpea flour,  salt, pepper, xantham gum, and baking powder. Gradually add water, whisking  to eliminate lumps. Slowly add 1/8 cup olive oil and mix thoroughly.

You can leave this standing for minimum of 5 minutes, or overnight. The dough is very runny. Add herbs.

Cooking directions: Preheat oven to 470. Place a cookie sheet, cast-iron sheet, or pizza dish into the oven to heat up, wait 5 minutes. Be careful when you remove it, pour remaining 1/8 cup olive oil onto pan (careful as oil will likely spatter), then pour in the batter, spread with spatula, cover with herbs. Bake for 8-12 minutes, for the last minute you can put a thin layer of olive oil on the bread and turn the oven up to a broil to toast it, just be careful not to burn it. Slice thin and serve very hot!


August 4, 2010

Tofu Marbella

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Sue made this her final night visiting and we were all in love!

Bake 4 blocks of tofu, 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes

Combine the following in a bowl:

1 block extra firm tofu

1 head of garlic, peeled and finely pureed (yes it is a lot and it’s crazy delicious)

¼ cup dried oregano

course salt and freshly ground pepper

½ cup red wine vinegar

½ cup olive oil

1 cup pitted prunes

½ cup pitted Spanish green olives

½ cup capers with a bit of juice

6 bay leaves

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup white wine

¼ cup Italian parsley or fresh corriander

Combine baked tofu with olive mixture, serve with rice or pasta.

August 2, 2010

The Freshest Pina Colada

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Combine the following in a blender:

2 cups of ice

one small pineapple, cut in slices

1/2 can of coconut milk, including all of the coconut cream

1/3 cup frozen pineapple juice concetrate

2 tablespoons sugar

1/2 cup rum (preferably Puerto Rican rum!)

Blend to perfection and serve with slices of pineapple as garnish.


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I discovered this amazing dip with friends at the Berkeley Bowl and fell in love instantly. The flavors are rich and decadent and are the perfect accompaniment to focaccia.

Combine the following in a food processor:

a 10 ounce jar roasted red peppers, drained

2/3 cup gluten-free cereal crushed (you can use the food processor to do this)

1/3 cup toasted walnuts

6 cloves garlic

juice from half of a lemon

2 teaspoons pomegranate molasses

1 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

hot red pepper flakes to taste

3/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil

Combine until smooth. Serve with focaccia slices.

Pomegranate Molasses

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I’ve only ever used this amazing syrup to make muhammara (see recipe here) but it has an amazing flavor that can be added to a variety of dishes.

Place the following into a pot and boil:

1 cup pomegranate juice

2 tablespoons sugar

juice form 1/2 of a lemon

Let boil until sugar dissolves, decrease heat and simmer for 30-50 minutes until liquids becomes thick, being careful not to burn.

Rice-Flour Foccacia

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My aunt Carol is a goddess when it comes to wheat-free baking. Give her some rice flour and olive oil and she’ll create total deliciousness. This is inspired by her creations, but with a bit of a twist.

Combine the following in a large bowl:

1 cup rice flour

1/3 cup garbanzo bean flour

2 tsp baking powder

2 tsp xanthum gum


Combine the following in a medium bowl:

1 cup milk (I use soy)

1 egg

4 tablespoons olive oil

Combine dry and wet ingredients.

The batter will be very moist, spread onto a greased cookie sheet.

Top with herbs, sliced garlic, and salt and drizzle with olive oil.

Bake at 400 Fahrenheit for 15-20 minutes.

July 30, 2010

Gluten Free Berry Scones

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For years I only used rice flour while doing wheat-free baking, but I’ve recently discovered chickpea flour and am in love. These scones have a delicious, nutty flavor.

Combine in a large bowl:

2 and 3/4 c rice flour (i prefer brown rice flour)

1 and 1/2 c chickpea flour

1 tspn baking powder

1/2 tspn baking soda

pinch of salt

Combine in a separate bowl:

1 c canola oil

1 c sugar

1 c milk (any type)

Combine liquids with flour mixture

Refrigerate overnight.

Preheat oven to 360 Fahrenheit

Place fist-sized pieces of dough on a greased cookie sheet. Squash down into round, scone-like shapes. Place berries on top of scones.

Bake for around 30 minutes, checking after 20 minutes to ensure they do not become burned.

The final products are nutty, flaky, and delicious.

Kale Chips!

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My old roommate, Karch, introduced me to this most perfect snack. It’s quick, crazy healthy, and the most delicious.

To prepare:

Preheat oven to 375 fahrenheit

Take 1-2 bunches of kale and slice into 1 inch strands. Then wash them in a colander.

Dry kale with a clean kitchen towel.

Spread dry kale into baking sheets.

Sprinkle brewers yeast liberally over kale and stir.

Add olive oil and salt to your taste to the kale and stir.

Place in oven for ten to fifteen minutes, stirring every five minutes.

Take out when they have reached their desired crispness.

Eat! They get soggy after a couple of days so enjoy while they are fresh!

Lady Gardener

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Giardiniera is the delectable Italian-Chicagoan tradition of mildly pickling vegetables to spicy perfection. I tried to recreate it but the Italians would not let me call this actual giardiniera because it wasn’t the same. So, I took to calling this “Lady Gardener,”the English translation. Warning: this is highly addictive and goes quickly!


You choose which combination of veggies you desire. I go for: cauliflower, orange bell peppers, carrots,  jalapenos (or another spicy pepper such as serranos), and celery.

Cut all veggies into small chunks, place in a large bowl, cover with water, and add 1/2 c salt. Cover, refrigerate, and let soak overnight. After at least 12 hours drain and if you want you can rinse to get out some of the excess salt.

Combine the following in a small bowl:

  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 2 teaspoons dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon dried red pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon celery seeds
  • ground black pepper
  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup canola oil (don’t use olive oil as it will congeal in the fridge)

Place veggies into jars and cover with oil and spice mixture. You can make more of the spice mixture if you need more liquid to cover the veggies. Refrigerate and let sit for about a week before enjoying.

Soy Garlic Scapes and Green Beans

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I first discovered garlic scapes when I visited Jess while she was working on an organic farm. We cooked up these green beans and garlic scapes that had been picked that very day and they were a decadent feast.


1 pound green beans

5-7 garlic scapes

handful of walnuts

soy sauce

pinch of sugar

olive oil


Cut ends off of green beans and slice garlic scapes into two inch long strips. Pour oil in pan (about 2 tablespoons), when hot add green beans, garlic scapes, and about two tablespoons of soy sauce. Sprinkle with sugar, stir, and cover. Cook for about 10 minutes stirring occasionally, until scapes are tender. Sprinkle walnuts into pan two minutes before done. Enjoy!

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