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July 20, 2011

Healthy, instant ‘gelato’

Filed under: Sweet, Vegan — Emma Lillian Banks @ 10:35 am

I don’t have an appetizing picture for this particular dish yet…I am working on it.  All my attempts last time I made this gelato made it look kind of like baby poop in a bowl (Update: I added a photo, which is a mini portion I made for myself as a snack).  But I swear it’s delicious!  And how would have thought that raw, vegan sugar-free gelato would be delicious?  It’s creamy, oh-so chocolately, and silky.  Yum.  You can also make this with non-frozen bananas for a kind of pudding.  The possibilities for add-ins are endless!

Combine the following in a food processor:

-2 super ripe frozen bananas (I like to freeze bananas once they get too mushy)

-1/2 ripe medium-size avacado

-3 tbsp (or more depending on personal taste) good quality cocoa powder

-1/2 tsp vanilla extract.

Blend it all together and eat.  Makes one large serving (which you can eat for dinner guilt-free….not that I do that).

Some possible add-ins, either before or after blending:

-sweeteners (honey, agave, raw sugar etc.)

-chocolate chips

-peanut or other nut butter

-booze (rum or whiskey would be amazing)


-chopped nuts


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  1. I just made this and it is so delicious! Mine was more like a frozen pudding texture, just added a small amount of honey and it was divine! thanks for sharing!

    Comment by sophiestatz — August 2, 2011 @ 11:23 pm

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